Earning Assets

There are various ways for players to earn when playing Guild of Guardians. We will also have systems in place to avoid bad faith actors from flooding the market, so as to ensure that legitimate players and their assets maintain their value over time.

Summoning & Merging

  • Players can play for free to earn common heroes (which aren’t tradeable). Players can then merge multiple heroes into ones of a higher (tradeable) rarity, meaning players can play for free and eventually work their way up to owning legendary heroes!


  • Once a hero is at the max level a player can ‘ascend’ it which will increase its level cap. This unlocks the heroes potential power!


  • Crafting materials will be a drop from dungeons. Players can contribute crafting materials to their guild to craft blockchain items, which will automatically be sent to the market to be sold and the profits split based on each player’s contribution.


  • There will be additional ways to earn as well which we are exploring such as rare drops from Guild-based game modes