Guild of Guardians Gems (Tokens)
Overview of the Gems system in Guild of Guardians
Guild of Guardians is partnered with Guardians Guild Limited, issuing and distributing an in-game currency that will be used in the Guild of Guardians mobile game. The in-game currency, named Gems, is an ERC-20 token that is being created, issued and distributed by Guardians Guild Limited.
The Goal of Gems
1. Reward Players: Gems are a tradeable in-game currency that is given as gameplay rewards to improve player retention and provide an avenue for play-and-earn;
2. Align Incentives: Gems can be given to all community members (developers, content creators, etc.) as an incentive to grow the game and community, which ultimately results in a better Guild of Guardians experience for all players;
3. Regulate the Economy: Gems form a critical part of helping build a sustainable play-to-earn economy and protect against bots. Gems are required to mint any NFT, and fixed distribution of Gems for player rewards will prevent unsustainable growth.
The Summary of Gems
Gems are a premium in-game currency given to players for free for certain gameplay actions in the Guild of Guardians mobile game. Gems are tradeable between players on a marketplace and will be distributed to players over time. In addition, they may be distributed to community members for certain actions as deemed appropriate by Guardians Guild Limited under a reward program, for example, participation in community events, grants, bonus tokens, competitions, etc.
Gems are used in Guild of Guardians when players want to perform premium actions that involve creating new blockchain assets. For example, as part of the cost of crafting and merging in-game items. In addition, once the game is live, 20% of the cost of any NFT assets which players buy from the developer, plus 20% of the marketplace trading fee charged by the developer, will need to be paid for using Gems (this may be done on a player's behalf to make it frictionless). Gems used in this way will be automatically sent to a rewards pool and distributed back to active participants in the game.
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