Distribution of Gems

Gem Supply Schedule

Guild of Guardians will issue 20 million Gems over 4 years. Gems issued may be subject to a transfer restriction on a case-by-case basis, to ensure an appropriate number of Gems relative to the number of players.



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Early Backers






Player Rewards



Community Rewards



Guardians Corporation






Illustrative Guild of Guardians Gem Supply Issuance

Early Backers

  • 1,700,000 Gems are reserved for sale via a private and / or community sale to encourage its early use and to allow for early voting to be done on game direction or features. These will unlock over 24 months for community sale and 30 months for private sale, with a 12 month cliff.

  • We may also provide early access to the game or exclusive heroes (NFTs) to early backers.


  • 4,000,000 Gems will be allocated to the Leonis in payment for development services in building out the Guild of Guardians game.

  • These will unlock over 48 months with a 12 month cliff to incentivise long-term growth.

Player Rewards

  • 7,000,000 Gems will be set aside to a smart-contract managed rewards pool which distributes Gems to players depending on qualifying game behaviors.

  • Every period there will be a fixed number of Gems which are released from the smart contract, and these will be distributed to all players who were active during that period and meet the reward program criteria. The fixed rewards may change overtime. The intention is to reward dedicated players based on how actively they play or have played in the past.

  • Examples of play behaviour (or criteria) which would be incentivised:

    • Play time (e.g. amount of energy used)

    • Account level / character progression

    • Account history (activity in the past week)

    • Completion of in-game quests

  • There is a large pool of rewards dedicated to players because players will be using these rewards.

Community Rewards

  • 6,000,000 Gems will be held in a discretionary rewards pool called ‘Community Rewards’, which will be distributed to the community on a discretionary basis. 2,000,000 gems will be made available from day 0, with the remainder unlocked over 4 years.

  • The discretionary pool has several benefits:

    • Rewarding activities which are difficult to quantify but add significant value to the game and game economy, such as referring a friend or managing the community.

    • Providing rewards to the entire game community who make the game better to play, not just players

    • Allow for iterations to the rewards distribution approach to make the game as successful as possible .

  • In the longer term the allocation of discretionary rewards will likely be decentralised so Gem holders can vote on what they want to see for rewards.

  • Example allocations of discretionary rewards include:

    • Bonus rewards for founder NFT purchases

    • Liquidity mining

    • Referrals

    • Content creation and community participation

    • 3rd party development

    • Partners and advisors

    • Competition rewards

Guardians Corporation

  • 1,300,000 Gems will be held by Guardians Corporation. 600k of these will be available from day 0 and Guardians Corporation intends to commit some of these tokens to liquidity pools initially. The remainder unlocked over a 4 year period with a 1 year cliff.