Completed Milestones

  • Q1 2020: Project commenced and partnership formed between Stepico and Immutable

  • Q3 2020: Initial game design completed, and development & art commenced

  • Q4 2020: Public announcement with 120k emails, 35 twitter followers and 4k Discord members

Upcoming Roadmap

  • Q2 2021: Sell exclusive founder gaming collectible NFTs. NFTs tradable and minted into Immutable X

  • Q2 2021: Initial issuance of Guild of Guardian gems to early backers.

  • Q2 2022: Soft launch an ‘alpha’ version of the game. Begin early testing of ‘voting’ using Gems.

  • Q4 2022: Launch a 'beta' of Guild of Guardians. Likely to include additional game modes and quality of life features.

  • Q2 2023: Full release of the game and operation of game as a live service. Likely to include a full suite of game modes and new content released periodically