Players spend ~$100bn on in-game items but cannot trade them or turn gaming into a career.
Games companies are building closed worlds without REAL digital items, which means:
    Players can only rent short-term entertainment value
    Players cannot be adequately rewarded for their labour
    Players cannot build long-term, scalable businesses
We believe this is wrong.


There is a massive opportunity to turn the $100bn industry into a $1 trillion gaming economy.
This is why we’re building Guild of Guardians.
Guild of Guardians is a multiplayer mobile RPG where players turn their passion into assets by earning and trading in a massive real-money economy
We strongly believe that the mobile team RPG genre in particular is the perfect fit for blockchain gaming:
    Blockchain improves the game: High spend no longer a sunk cost, deeper metagame and strategy which players love, buy heroes ‘direct’ instead of painful gacha, play-to-earn instead of pay-to-win, hero collections more satisfying with proven scarcity
    Attractive market: Mobile RPG genre is large ($2bn growing @ 10% p.a. in the US), fragmented, and has a very high spend per player ($100-300)
    Assets are built for trading: Mobile RPG assets have deep collectability and can be differentiated by utility / power, making them highly appealing to trade or collect
    Proven interest: RPG economies are familiar via games like Runescape, WoW, Diablo, EVE, etc. Players are itching for a game with a real-world economy!
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